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  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-03
A thermometer is a mercury thermometer. It has a glass tube at the top and a bubble at the bottom. The bubbles and the lower end of the tube are filled with pure mercury, and the tube is marked with a scale. Due to the human body temperature is highest do not exceed 42 ℃, the lowest not less than 35 ℃, so the scale of the thermometer is 35 ℃ to 42 ℃, every little represent 0.1 ℃.

The thermometer is a tool for measuring the body temperature, including the oral thermometer and the anal thermometer.

There are two kinds of thermometer: oral thermometer and anal thermometer.

Before measuring temperature thermometer mercury to jilt to below 35 ℃, then use alcohol cotton ball disinfection temperature



Table. Armpit temperature measurement: first wipe off the sweat of armpit, put one end of the mercury column on the mouth surface into the deep axilla, and clamp it with folded arms across the chest, and take it out 10 minutes later. Rectal thermometry: apply some oil to the silver round end of the surface of the anus, then slowly insert the anus 3-5 cm, and hold the upper end of the surface of the anus by hand for 3 minutes. Oral thermometer: should be taken half an hour after eating, drinking or smoking. Place the watch under the tongue with the patient's mouth closed and teeth not clenching. Remove after 3 minutes. When looking at the figures of the thermometer, the body temperature should be held horizontally and rotate slowly. After using the thermometer, disinfect it with 75% alcohol. Armpit temperature measurement method is simple, safe, hygienic and comfortable. Anal thermometer may be used to measure the temperature of coma patients or infants.

Temperature characteristics of table

1. Accurate measurement: the measurement ergodicity is less than or equal to plus or minus 0.3 degrees. (imported infrared detection system)

2. Rapid temperature measurement: the measuring time is less than 1 second.

3. Easy to use: one-key measurement, easy to operate.

4. Non-contact: measure the human forehead without touching the human skin.

5. Service life: 2 batteries of no. 5 can be used more than 100,000 times, and the service life of the product is > million times.

6. Measurement distance: within 5~15CM, it can be adjusted, without fixed measurement distance.

7. Large-screen display: large-screen LCD display, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed.

8. Temperature alarm: freely set the alarm temperature.

9. Data storage: 32 measurement data are stored for reference and analysis.

10. Setting modification: the setting parameters can be modified to adapt to different color RACES (white, black, yellow, etc.).

11. Unit conversion: use Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other.

Use of thermometer

1. Human body temperature measurement: accurately measure human body temperature, replacing the traditional mercury thermometer. Women who want to have children can use infrared thermometers to monitor their basal body temperature at any time, choose the right time to conceive, and determine whether they are pregnant.

Of course, and most importantly, keep an eye out for any abnormalities in your body temperature, to avoid catching the flu, to prevent swine flu

2. Skin temperature measurement: measure the skin surface temperature of the human body, for example, it can be used to measure the skin surface temperature of the amputated limb during re-evaluation surgery.

3. Measurement of body temperature: measure the surface temperature of an object, such as the temperature of the outside of a teacup.

The thermometer comes from

The thermometer was invented by a European, Dr. Sankotorus. He was a friend of Galileo's. In 1595, when Galileo completed the gas thermometer, sankotolus improved the gas thermometer in accordance with his own ideas and needs for diagnosis. In 1600, he made the world's first thermometer. The tube of the thermometer contained red alcohol. In 1714, a German scientist Wallace with mercury instead of alcohol, the sea due to mercury in 39 ℃ below zero to solidification, 350 degrees to gasification, can expand the range of measuring temperature.

What if the thermometer breaks

Mercury collection and disposal method:

Use a wet cotton swab or tape paper to gently glue mercury onto the ground and place it in a small bottle that can be sealed. Such as bottles, plastic bottles, closed and add a little water in the bottle, bottle indicated in "waste mercury logo mark, such as" to the unit or community residents' committees waste liquid management personnel handling or sent to the environmental protection department specializes in processing. (pay attention to good ventilation)

Do not put the collected mercury into the sewer to avoid contaminating the groundwater. If mercury gets into groundwater and people drink water containing heavy metals, it will harm human health.

For mercury that falls on the ground and cannot be collected completely, sprinkle with sulfur powder to reduce mercury toxicity. Because sulfur powder and mercury can combine to form volatile mercuric sulfide compounds, preventing mercury from volatile into the air harm human health. Mild absorption can be drunk green bean soup.

If swallowed, rinse immediately with cold water, then take egg white or milk, slow down the body's absorption of mercury with protein, and then go to a doctor for treatment.