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The thermometers should be noted for ovulation

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2017-12-19

Three things to note:

1.The temperature when you wake up:Just waking up, the body does not consume, it is the lowest temperature of the day.Once a day, if you get up and retest, the temperature will increase, not as a reference.

2.The temperature of the tongue under test:The body temperature of the underarm receives the environmental influence to have a large deviation, do not make reference.

3.A double - digit ovulation thermometer:Ordinary mercury thermometers, with large numerical deviations to the naked eye, have a single digit of electronic thermometers that do not meet the precise measurement requirements

Many sisters prefer to look at ovulation in terms of B super + test paper,o you know the ovulation time,You can also know whether it is a mature follicle ovulation, and the confidence will be higher after ovulation.And temperature measurement, is the need to measure every day after menstruation to date daily, feel good trouble.And the temperature detection needs to wait for the second day after ovulation to heat up to know the previous day's ovulation situation, the feeling does not have the test paper so in time, so many people is not taking temperature.