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The correct way to wear a dust mask

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-12
Mastering the correct way of wearing dust respirator can prevent the harm of fine particles such as dust to human respiratory tract more effectively. There are many kinds of dustproof masks on the market, and different types of dustproof masks have different wearing methods. After wearing them correctly, it is necessary to check the tightness of the masks. Shanghai collars and reminders that no matter the price of purchased respirators is high or low, how to wear them incorrectly will affect the use of respirators.

The types of dustproof masks can be divided into planar masks, folding dust masks and cup dust masks. According to the wearing mode, it can be divided into three types: head respirator, ear respirator and neck band respirator. The way of wearing a mask is much the same as that of a mask. The main reason is that there are different types of masks. The correct method of wearing the mask is introduced in Shanghai collars and according to the type of respirator.

Planar masks

Planar masks, also known as bandaged masks, are mainly used in the medical and health industry, such as surgical masks. Planar masks have the worst tightness compared with folded masks and cup-shaped masks, so they are not recommended in environments with high dust concentration. The correct way to wear a face mask is as follows:

1. Medical surgical masks have white and blue on both sides, side took a white, a metal strip side up, at the bottom of the first two proceeded in the neck, and tighten to mask the bottom of the chin to the roots.

2. Pull up the upper edge of the mask and cover the mouth and nose of the mask. Pull the two upper bands behind the ear and fasten them to the head.

3. Press the metal wire in the upper nasal root of the mask with the index finger of both hands, making it close to the skin of the nose. Then, gradually move the index finger to both sides, making the whole mask close to the skin of the face.

4. After taking off the mask, wrap it in the tape or paper bag, discard it in the covered garbage can, and wash hands timely; Don't reuse disposable masks.

Fold masks

Folding dustproof mask (ear band), representing the product 3M9041 protective mask. 3M dust respirator with unique design shape, with good nose clip and headband to ensure a good fit with the face. Under the same effect, dust respirators have less respiratory resistance and are more comfortable to wear. The correct method is as follows:

1. Facing the non-nose clip side of the folded dust mask, place the nose clip above the mask, hold the mask on the face with your hand, and hold the mask against your chin.

Pull the upper headband over your head and place it over your head.

3. Pull the lower square headband over the top of the head and place it under the back of the neck and ears.

4. Place both hands and fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip, pressing inward while moving the fingers along the nose clip to both sides until the nose clip is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge.

Cup shape face mask

Cup-shaped dust mask, representing the product of 3M1860 mask. Goblet surgical masks are the three types of dust mask in sealing the best one, because the dust mask design is concave and convex, and masks had sealed the bridge of the nose pad, while ensure dust mask conurbation wearing more comfortable.

1. Hold the medical mask in hand, with the nose clip at the fingertips, and let the headband hang below you.

Hold the mask under your chin and cover your nose.

3. Fix the position of the medical mask by hand, place the upper band above the ear and the higher position behind the head, and place the lower band below the ears after the strength.

4. Place the fingertips of both hands on the metal nose clip. From the middle position, press the nose clip inward with your fingers and move and press to both sides respectively. Shape the nose clip according to the shape of the bridge.

Regardless of any type of dust respirator, after wearing the mask correctly, it is important to carry out the air tightness inspection of the mask under positive pressure. Cover the mask with both hands and exhale quickly. If there is a gas leak at the edge of the respirator mask, the nose clip and headband must be re-adjusted and the airtightness inspection must be repeated. It is important to press the nose firmly against the face to form a good seal.

Operators must master the correct way of wearing the respirator according to the requirements. The mouth and nose of the respirator are completely closed to the inner wall of the mask, and there should be no gaps, so as to prevent the dust from entering the lungs through the nose and mouth. Enterprises or individuals when buying dust mask first way of understanding the wearing of masks, masks, filtration efficiency and dust mask brand, use to ensure clean dust mask, especially the parts in contact with the mouth and nose.