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Spoons of all kinds of "smart" play which do you like best?

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-09-13
In today's big tide of intelligence, intelligence spoon has become a kind of fashion, all sorts of intelligence play, small make up find a few kinds of intelligence spoon for everybody below, see oneself of circumstance, oneself suit which kind of?
Intelligent salt spoons guard health

In life, when we cook, we often control the intake of salt, some of which are lighter, some of which are saltier. Now, will the appearance of intelligent salt spoons change this phenomenon?

This new smart salt spoon is about the size of a normal spoon and doesn't seem to make much difference. Actually inside the spoon, there's an intelligent sensor. When used, it's as simple as placing a spoon directly into the pan and measuring the salt content.

In the position of the handle of the spoon, designed for disassembly. The interior comes with an NFC sensor that can be connected to a smartphone. The salt spoon is equipped with a sensor that can check the amount of salt through the mobile phone. The user can use the mobile phone client and launch the corresponding APP to see the weight of the salt in real time. The amount of salt used each time in the day can be displayed and the total amount can be calculated automatically.
A smart spoon measures calories

Today, weight loss has become a popular activity, and now, there is a spoon can be used to measure the amount of calories people consume to help them lose weight.

The calorie tester is not very large, and is about the size of a spoon we use every day. When used, it is very simple, just use it to serve rice. The head of the spoon is equipped with an advanced induction device, which can automatically determine and calculate the calories contained in each spoonful of rice, and can be automatically counted. It also comes with an LED display that allows the user to see the total number of calories consumed at a glance, thus controlling the diet.

In general, this essential spoon is so powerful that it can automatically measure the total amount of calories in rice, which is very suitable for users who are trying to lose weight. At present, this product has been sold in some foreign e-commerce websites, and its price is 44 dollars, or about 273 yuan. It is important to note, however, that currently only the calorie content of rice can be measured, which is not effective for other ingredients.

Sometimes when we eat in the big dining hall, we will learn to shiver in cold weather and shake the hand holding the chopstick. People with "Parkinson's disease" also shake a lot when they eat. Now it is said that there is such a smart spoon to avoid trembling.

According to foreign media reports, Google's jiggly smart spoon, which was developed earlier for people with Parkinson's disease, has been officially sold on Lift's official website. Retail at $295, it claims to be effective at reducing jitter effects by about 76 per cent.