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Prepare for a dog

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-05-24
Prepare for a dog.

(a) a dog should seek the consent of his family.

(2) before raising a dog, prepare the following mental preparation:

1) you spend time every day feeding the dog and playing with the dog.

2) you can bear the inconvenience of dog (smell, falling hair, barking, etc.)

3) you pay for it (vaccinations and insect repellent every year, food costs for dogs, and hospital expenses when you get sick)

The choice of the dog

(1) selection of dog species.

Purebred dogs are genetically stable, with distinct characteristics and a reasonable body function. It is very important for you to choose a dog that is suitable for you. It is recommended that you learn about the personality traits of different breeds (you can check online or consult your dog's friends), and then choose. In addition, the long-haired dog, the dog need to comb hair every day to keep it neat and beautiful MAO, large dogs need plenty of space and larger amount of exercise can healthy growth, and some dogs bark like this are the factors to consider.

(2) selection of puppies.

Look at your immune card: never buy a puppy that has not been immunized, and do not buy puppies in a place where the infection is high.

Second look at the whole: observe the action of the dog is flexible, the gait is stable, whether the hair is neat and smooth.

Eyes: healthy dogs have bright eyes, clean eyelids and no secretions.

Nose: healthy dog's nose and nostrils should be moist and cool, with no thick yellow nose.

5. Look at the anus: there is no hair adhesion around the anus. (it's best to ensure that there is no diarrhea.)

Dog food:

The dog's best food is dog food. If you can't give it a dog food, you should pay attention to the nutrition balance. Animal internal organs (note: do not long-term feeding pig liver, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, had better choose to), carrots, etc., can all be dog food, almost no boiled salt after feeding. In addition, feed the puppy dog food with a little warm water.

Feeding times:

Birth - 12 weeks: 4-5 times/day; 12 weeks - 4 months: feeding 3-4 times/day; 4 months - 1 year: feeding 2 times/day.

After one year: feeding 1 time/day.

Puppies feeding attention: puppies have poor control over hunger and are fed on dog food instructions to prevent stomach problems.

The dog's immunity and deworming.

Vaccinating dogs is the best way to prevent dogs and owners from getting rid of rabies and other malignant diseases. Canine distemper and canine parvovirus are also the main causes of death in dogs in China. It is also important for the healthy growth of dogs. The dog should be immunized and deworming as soon as possible after a few days. Recommended invid and counselling vaccines with an immunity rate of 99. More than 99%.

New breed attention:

1. Newly purchased puppies are best able to inject serum or immunoglobulin immediately to enhance the system.

2. Do not bathe the dog. After a few days, the dog should be adjusted to the new environment, and then the dog should be given a bath.

3. When you get home, you should control your dog's food intake, which is lower than normal feeding, and gradually increase to normal food in a few days.

4. If there is any suspicious situation, please call the doctor immediately and take the dog to the animal hospital as soon as possible so as not to cause irreversible consequences.

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