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How long will the thermometer hold?

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-11
The baby has a fever, the parents are naturally very worried, all hope that the baby's condition can be improved as soon as possible, and recover health as soon as possible. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in measuring the baby's temperature during the baby's illness, which requires parents to use the thermometer scientifically. Many parents don't necessarily know how to use a thermometer.

How long will the thermometer hold

First, make sure your baby is in the best condition to take a temperature measurement before you take it. Like adults, a baby's body temperature is not constant, and the baby's body temperature often fluctuates due to certain factors. For example, in the evening, the baby's temperature is often higher than in the morning. The baby's temperature will also rise temporarily after bathing, eating, crying and exercising. If the clothes are too thick and the temperature is too high, the baby's temperature will also rise. If the baby has this temporary, modest temperature fluctuation, as long as the baby is in good mental health and has no other symptoms or signs of illness, illness is usually not considered.

When measuring, parents need to pay attention to the measured time. Mercury thermometer is used to measure the axillary temperature, should be to mercury column below 35 ℃, mercury in the middle of the armpit, the thermometer with arms clamp. If you have sweat under your armpits, dry them. Take out the thermometer 5 minutes later. If you're measuring the temperature of the anus, the anal thermometer should be used. Hg to jilt to below 35 ℃ first, put a little of paraffin oil or cooking oil on the anus header, lets the child lie on your side on the knee, the table from the anus, gently insert 2-2.5 cm, take out after 3 minutes, with a paper towel wipe up, look at body temperature. If a neck thermometer is used, place the thermometer under the child's neck while he is asleep, close to the skin and gently clamp it.

It is very important for parents to master the scientific measurement method and the measurement time. In addition, parents need to be aware of is that children under the age of five, oral and rectal temperature measurement is not recommended, because the child is too small, easily be biting thermometer in your mouth, will not only injured child, let the cat out of the mercury on children's harm is very big; When measuring rectal temperature, the weight of the force and the depth of the insertion are not easy to grasp, and more dangerous.

How to choose a thermometer

There are so many thermometers out there that many parents don't know how to choose.

There are three types of thermometer in the market: glass thermometer electronic thermometer and infrared thermometer. The glass thermometer USES the thermal expansion action of temperature sensing liquid in the temperature sensing bubble and capillary to measure the human body temperature. When the thermometer cools, the temperature sensing liquid column does not drop, and the temperature is maintained. Vitreous advantages for error is generally not more than + / - 0.15 ℃, good stability. The disadvantage is that the measurement time is long, the reading is relatively difficult, easy to break, and once broken, the mercury in it will flow out to pollute the environment.

The electronic thermometer USES the temperature sensor to output the electrical signal, and then converts the current signal into the liquid crystal digital display temperature, which can also maintain the maximum temperature measured. The sub-thermometer is easy to use and has a short measurement time. The results can be obtained in about 1 minute. It is more suitable for children who are active. But there is also a problem with such products, which requires constant calibration. For the family can't do this, the most important thing is that parents themselves have the temperature measurement of basal body temperature, for example, the child's normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius, but with electronic thermometer basal body temperature becomes a 37 degrees Celsius, so every day as long as the child is less than the temperature is normal.

Infrared thermometer USES infrared radiation exchange to measure temperature, mainly including: red outer ear thermometer (hereinafter referred to as "ear thermometer"), infrared thermometer and infrared filter. The infrared thermometer has a short time to measure the temperature and is convenient to read the temperature, but is greatly affected by the measurement method and the skin surface state measured. For example, the way the probe is inserted into the ear canal affects the temperature measurement results of the ear thermometer.

All kinds of thermometers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Parents can choose a suitable thermometer according to the actual situation.