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Four keys to a dog's summer bath

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-20
Four keys to a dog's summer bath

Did the shovelingofficer find out that as long as the summer came, he would be particularlydiligent to bathe the dog? On the one hand, many shovelers shave their dogs'fur off or cut it short in the summer, which makes it convenient to bathe them.On the other hand, they also hope that more bathing in the summer will coolthem down.

But pet expertsadvise that dogs should not be bathed too often, which is bad for their health.

How often should adog be bathed in summer?

Summer we take abath everyday because the whole body has sweat gland, gave sweat body verysticky, and dog body does not have sweat gland, if give dog bath every day, thebalance of dog skin surface can be destroyed instead, the secretion that has protectiveskin action does not wash off hind, can be opposite to dog fur adverse. So insummer, a dog can take a bath at most once a week.

Always wash yourdog's PAWS

Is it customary topick up a dog's paw in the summer and smell it? If a shoveling officer has eversmelled it, you know, it's like a broken sock, it's like the sweat from a dog'sfeet. Dogs have sweat glands in their PAWS, and the hairs in their toes arecovered with sweat.

So wash your dog'sPAWS frequently, and it's best to wash them carefully with soap and then wipethem dry. Not only will the smell of stinky claws be removed, but your dog willalso feel very comfortable.

3. It is better touse medicated hand sanitizer for dog bathing in summer

Summer is theseason when dogs are most vulnerable to parasites and skin infections,especially when it comes to long-haired dogs or particularly hairy dogs.Therefore, it is recommended to wash dogs in the summer with medical hairwashing liquid, and after foaming, let the foam stay on the dog for a long timebefore washing away, so that the pharmaceutical ingredients can fully penetratethe hair and skin, which can effectively prevent skin diseases and parasites.

Dogs should notblow air conditioning immediately after taking a bath

Click to playGIF/677K in order to better protect the dog from the heat and cool down, theair conditioning in the home of many shoveling officials is turned on 24 hours.After washing the dog and blowing dry, the dog is also immediately allowed toenter the air conditioning room to cool down.

Because even ifyou feel like your dog's fur has been blown dry, the water is still there onthe surface of the dog's fur. The dog is already feeling cool.

Finally remind toshovel excrement officer, the bath dew that dog bath USES must not be the bathdew that the person USES, because the skin of dog is different acid alkalinity,cause skin to be vulnerable easily otherwise, allergy wait for a symptom.