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Electronic thermometers

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-11-01
The electronic thermometer consists of a temperature sensor, a liquid crystal display, a button cell, a special integrated circuit and other electronic components. It can measure human body temperature rapidly and accurately. Compared with traditional mercury glass thermometer, it has the advantages of convenient reading, short measurement time, high measurement accuracy, memory and beeping prompt, especially the electronic thermometer does not contain mercury, which is harmless to human body and surrounding environment.

Introduction to the Electronic thermometers

The electronic body temperature

Electronic thermometers use certain physical parameters of substances, such as resistance, voltage, current, etc., to determine the relationship between the ambient temperature, showing the body temperature in the form of Numbers.

The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the display is affected by factors such as electronic components and battery power supply, which is not as good as the glass thermometer.

The characteristics of semiconductor resistance change with temperature are used

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The electronic thermometer industry in China originated in 1998 and has been developing at a rate of over 30% per year for more than 10 years. Profit margins of several times or more than 10 times, lower policy barriers and technology barriers have attracted numerous companies to the industry. At present domestic emerge out of the size of more than 80 electronic thermometer brand, both "omron", "the baby couple", "gateway" industries leading foreign brand, also have "haier", "times", "yu kang", "huachen", "good", "safe", "rehabilitation", "royal", such as rapid development of domestic brands, trying to enter the industry in the future the manufacturer will reach more than 50. Due to the gradual standardization of the industry and the rise of a new round of consumption boom of electronic thermometer products, after 2009, the electronic thermometer product industry entered an unprecedented period of rapid development, and the rapid development of the market is pregnant with huge business opportunities.

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Temperature sensing head, temperature measuring stick, display screen, switch, key and battery cover. Electronic body temperature structure

Fold edit this section temperature measurement principle

Electronic thermometer is the use of the temperature sensor output signal, the output digital signal directly, or to convert current signal (analog signal) into the inside integrated circuits can be recognition of digital signal, and then through the display, such as liquid crystal matrix, etc.), digital tube, LED display, in the form of digital temperature and measured temperature records, read high.

The core element of the electronic thermometer is the temperature sensing NTC temperature sensor. The resolution of the sensor can be up to + / - 0.01 ℃, the precision can be up to + / - 0.02 ℃, the reaction speed of 2.8 seconds, resistance in the drift rate of 0.1% or less (the equivalent of less than 0.025 ℃).

Soft bar electronic thermometer

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32 ° to 43 ° C or 89.6 C ° F to 109.4 ° F.

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1) rigid rod: a thermometer that is widely used in the home and is used for axillary and oral measurements.

2) soft bar type: the front end of soft head electronic thermometer can be flexibly bent, multi-directional and without dead Angle, which is suitable for the measurement of all parts. Generally, three kinds of measurement methods can be adopted for oral, armpit and anus.

3) pacifier type: infant pacifier electronic thermometer is designed and manufactured carefully according to the physiological characteristics of infants. All parts are designed with circular arc, the curvature is based on the baby's mouth, and the silicon nipple contains temperature sensor. Pacifier electronic thermometer

Electronic thermometer temperature measurement site

1. The temperature of the mouth can be measured by placing the thermograph probe under the root of the tongue.

2. The temperature of the armpit center can be measured by placing the starting electronic thermometer probe at the armpit center.

3. If the oral cavity and armpit cannot be tested, insert the electronic thermometer probe into the rectum after starting up, and enter the depth should not exceed 1/2 of the total length of the electronic thermometer.

The advantages and disadvantages of folding editing this section

Advantages as high accuracy, error is generally not more than 0.1 ℃, readings and convenient to carry. The disadvantage is that the measurement stability is slightly worse than that of the glass thermometer.

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1. Before using the thermometer, the head of the thermometer should be disinfected with alcohol. Functional diagram of electronic thermometer

2. Press the switch, and the buzzer will make A beep sound immediately. The display is shown in figure A, which takes about 2 seconds.

3. And then the temperature of the display shows the last measurement of as shown in figure B (if the last measurement was 36.5 ℃), well for 2 seconds. The display may then display as shown in figure C. "℃" symbol flashing, indicates that a thermometer in a state of stay side. (such as room temperature is higher than 32 ℃, the thermometer will display at room temperature without such as D, as shown in the figure "℃" symbol flashing at the same time)

4. Use a thermometer to take your temperature. When temperature shows that the temperature rise gradually, "℃" symbol flashing at the same time.

5. When the temperature rise in 16 seconds less than 0, 1 ℃, stop flashing "℃" symbols, thermometer at the same time issued a buzzer hint sound for about 5 seconds, then a thermometer to measure, can read shows the temperature value.

6. The thermometer has the function of automatic shutdown, which will be automatically shut down within 10 minutes after the measurement. But to extend battery life, users are advised to turn off the power by pressing the power button at the end of the measurement.

Folding way

The correct way to measure an electronic thermometer

The temperature may vary due to the time of measurement, the air outside, and different parts of the body. To obtain accurate temperature measurement data, always maintain a certain temperature measurement site. Under the armpits, the electronic thermometer should be close to the temperature area; Under the tongue, the electronic thermometer should be firmly inserted into the base of the tongue.

Folding precautions

Precautions for electronic thermometers

1. When the electronic thermometer is displayed in the rear position, it indicates that the battery needs to be replaced. The battery USES AG3 button battery or SR41 silver oxide battery. When replacing the battery, remove the upper battery cover. Press down the switch guide and pull out the motor core about 2.5mm (no more than 3.5mm). Remove the battery with a small screwdriver. Load new battery, positive side up, plug into the movement, careful to close the battery cover.

2. The electronic thermometer can be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth. If it is waterproof, it can be cleaned directly in water. Do not put in high pressure gas, high temperature environment, do not contact with corroded articles. No quality warranty liability for damage caused:

3. The working temperature: 10 ° C to 40 ° C work humidity: 30% 80% RH

4. Save the temperature: 1 ° to 60 ° C C keep humidity: 10% 80% RH

5. Service life: AG3 or SR41 button battery is about 200 hours

6. Display accuracy: + / - 0.1 ° C (32 ° to 43 ° C C) or + 0. 2 ° F

Fold edit this section to measure position

Fold the armpit

Time: 5-10 minutes

Above: heating temperature of 37 ℃

Prior to using the mercury thermometer of mercury to below 35 ℃. Place the mercury end of the thermometer at the top of the armpit (that is, the depth of the armpit). Measure 5-10 minutes; After taking out the thermometer and reading the temperature data, wipe the thermometer with toilet paper for use next time or for others.

Method of reading: hold the end of the thermometer with one hand, away from the end of the mercury column, keep the eye level with the thermometer, and slowly turn the thermometer to read the corresponding temperature when the thick mercury column is seen from the front. Do not touch the mercury end of the thermometer with your hand when reading.

Fold your ears or forehead

Time: a few seconds

Heating temperature: 38 ℃ above

In addition, we use infrared measurement technology to measure the inner ear thermometer of the eardrum and the forehead thermometer of the forehead measurement. Mercury in the thermometer can cause damage if its glass breaks, and a new kind of thermometer is made of plastic and can be used in babies or young children. The normal temperature is 37 degrees centigrade.

Measuring principle: heat expansion and cold contraction of liquid

Thermometer features: (1) can be out of the reading of the object to be tested more than (2) containing mercury (3) reducing (4) dividing value of 0.1 ℃

Shrinkage: after measurement, mercury can not be back from the glass bubble, so that the measured object can be off the reading.

Fold the mouth

Time: 3-5 minutes

Heating temperature: 37.5 ℃ above

Oral temperature collection is the ability of the patient to place the thermometer correctly and safely into the mouth. That means eliminating kids or people who have a weakness for coughing, weakness or vomiting. (in the quick response of electronic thermometer is no problem, but in a mercury thermometer is an important subject, because mercury thermometer need long time to reaction temperature) should be paid attention to other places is, when the patient before using oral thermometer if there drinking hot or iced drinks, it must consider other method of temperature measurement.

Folded rectum (anus)

Time: 1-3 minutes

Heating temperature: 38 ℃ above

A lubricant should be used to help with the measurement of rectal temperature, especially by another person. Although rectal temperature is the most accurate, it is embarrassing to consider such behavior in some countries or cultures. In addition, if the thermometer is placed incorrectly, the patient will feel uncomfortable or even painful. Infants usually use rectal temperature measurements, but it is better to use a nurse.

How to select this section for folding editing

1. Appearance inspection.

Electronic thermometers are generally small and beautiful, with clean surface and without defects.

2. Power check.

Put switch button at a, see whether display tags and agree on the instruction for use, disconnect the power supply to meet again, see if the same display correct tags, if through the power on and off many times test, correct markers showed all the same, and display the axillary temperature is almost the same, that the repeatability of the electronic thermometer is good. If the display is abnormal (the temperature difference is too large), it indicates that the battery of the electronic thermometer has run out of power, or the contact is not good at some point.

3. Accuracy check.

Press the switch button, and there is 188.8 mark on the LCD. Put the thermometer under the tongue for 1 minute. When mark C stops flashing and there is a beep sound, the reading is body temperature. This is the oral temperature. The temperature of the mouth should be the same several times, if not the same, the table has poor repeatability, can not be selected, and do not need to do accuracy check. If the temperature of the mouth is the same, the temperature can be measured under the armpit. When the mark C stops flashing and there is beep prompt sound, the reading displayed is the temperature of the armpit. Again, take a few more measurements, and your temperature under your arm is the same. Generally speaking, the temperature of the oral cavity is about 1 degree higher than that of the underarm. If the temperature of the oral cavity is too high or too low than that of the underarm, the accuracy of the electronic thermometer can be considered unsatisfactory.

4. If the electronic thermometer is placed under the tongue for 1 minute and the mark C is taken out and continues to flash, the electronic thermometer shall be cut off for 5 minutes before the power is switched on for another measurement. In general, after taking the temperature from the mouth, the display will not flicker. If flicker is still intermittent, the table must be problematic and cannot be selected.

5. Whether it is produced by normal manufacturers, standard type ii medical devices, whether it has after-sale service, whether it has phone address, etc.