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Classification and functional effects of commonly used masks

  • Author:sled
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2018-07-06
With the rise of bad weather, like smog, masks have become a necessity of our lives. How to choose the right mask to protect yourself?

Methods / Steps

1.Cotton mask. Cotton masks dominated the market. The main purpose of the cotton mask is to prevent colds and keep it warm and avoid cold air to stimulate the respiratory tract. The cotton mask has good air permeability, but the cotton mask has little against dust and antibacterial effect. If it is used in a high incidence of epidemic diseases and smog, the cotton mask has no effect.

2.Medical nonwoven textile mask. Medical non-woven textile masks can be said that SARS began to enter quickly into ordinary homes. Nonwoven facial masks are effective against bacteria and are restricted to preventing the spread of spraying bacteria such as sneezing. However, due to poor adhesion, it can not play the role of dust prevention. Small makeup to see a lot of friends, wearing this kind of mask in fog days, the actual effect is effective.

3. Activated carbon mask. It is to show this kind of mask in the masks interprocesses to combine with activated carbon, the ability of adsorption of activated carbon is very strong, can effectively prevent dust, but this mask will be difficult to breathe, long use will be easy hypoxia.

4. Anti-pollution mask. A dust-proof respirator is a commonly used type of cup, it can effectively hold it in the mouth in the mouth, thereby achieving the effects of dust.

5.N95 type or higher. N95 is a type of dust mask, N is dustproof and digital is effective. In today's days when you want to prevent pm2.5, you need to use more than n95 masks.

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