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Christmas customs in different countries

  • Author:sanie
  • Source:medexpro
  • Release on:2017-12-26

The red and white one is Santa Claus and he is the most popular figure on Christmas day. Before Christmas Eve, western children put a sock in front of the fireplace or on the pillow, waiting for Santa to put the presents in their socks after they fall asleep. Playing Santa Claus is also a custom in the west.

On December 24, Christmas Eve, ask around you 24 different surnames to a dime, each with these 2 pieces of 4 bought a big, red, beautiful apple eat in 5 minutes, next year will have good luck! CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, the American dictionary of merriam-webster, says the word is made by CHRIST+ MASS, meaning "CHRIST's ceremony", and the Oxford dictionary of the United Kingdom does the same. The word "Christmas" in the Anglo-Saxon language is also the meaning of Christ. Other non-english speaking countries, such as France, Spain, Italy, etc., "Christmas" means "birthday". As for the germans, Christmas is called "the Christmas season", but the original text contains "holy night". Christmas is a day when everyone is happy. In the world,every country or nation has its own Christmas customs because of its traditional customs.

England: they think Christmas must be a good time. So the Christmas feast is very rich, including pork, roast Turkey, Christmas pudding, and Christmas mince pies... And so on. Everyone in the family has a gift, and even the servants have gifts that are given away on Christmas morning. Sometimes they would be invited into the house by the host, who would be invited into the house for a refreshment or a small gift.

France: go to church for midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After the mass, family members and elder sister family reunion share the Christmas meal, and share a year's home important matter. Occasionally there is family discord, also often because of the Christmas get-together, to release the former suspicion and make up. Therefore, Christmas is regarded as a kind and harmonious day in the eyes of the French.

Italy: in Italy, every Christmas, people like to house some models of the nativity story. On the eve of Christmas, families gather for a big meal, attend Christmas mass at midnight, and then visit relatives and friends, but only children and the elderly get presents. There is a good custom in Italy on Christmas day. The child is thankful for his parents' education for a year, and will put their compositions or poems in the napkin, tablecloth or saucer before the Christmas feast. After eating the meal, take it out and read it aloud.

Spain: children in the country often place their shoes outside the window or door to receive Christmas presents. In many cities, boys also have many high - level gifts to give to beautiful women. "Cows" are also best treated at Christmas. There is a local legend: "when Jesus was born, there was a cow exhaling for him to get warm."

Sweden: in the Christmas season, the swedes are very hospitable, and every family, rich and poor, welcome friends to visit, even strangers can come in and eat. They put all kinds of food on the table, and they were free to choose.

Switzerland: the country's Santa Claus wears a white robe and masks. They tend to be dressed up by the poor, and they flock to the rich to get food and gifts.

Denmark: the first country to publish Christmas stamps. This Christmas stamp issue is for the financing of tuberculosis. The danes send Christmas CARDS and mail, and they all like to post this kind of stamp.

Chile: the country is celebrating Christmas with a "monkey tail" cold drink. The drink is made from coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermented grapes. The reason why this drink is called "monkey tail" is unknown.

Norway: in the run-up to Christmas, every member of the family needs to make a list of shoes before going to bed. Norwegians believe that their family can achieve peace and peace in the coming year. The next morning, family members meet to sing their favorite Christmas songs.

Ireland: the family of the country will put a candle or lamp on the window rack on Christmas Eve, welcoming the birth of the baby.

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